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Alicia’s Coffee perfectly embodies a sweet and strong flavor that is one of the best you will ever taste. Located in the Magic City (Birmingham, AL), we take great pride in serving our community one of the few black-owned coffee beans around. Currently, our java can be purchased in three authentic, rich blend-types: Costa Rica Tarrazu 100%(Ground), Brazil: 100%(Ground), and Columbian (dark-roast/whole-bean). 


Alicia’s Coffee unique taste allows it to be enjoyed in many ways from frozen to roasted and even compliments some of your favorite pastimes and snacks, like cigars or biscotti. Whether to get you going or simply offer you comfort in a cup, Alicia’s Coffee will always be your finest choice!


Costa Rica Tarrazu 100%(Ground): Our Costa Rican beans are the highest quality blend we have to offer. It’s sweet flavor is perfectly enhanced with a touch of caramel.


100% Brazilian (Ground): Our Brazilian beans brew out a low-acidic coffee with a smooth mild essence. This earthy blend is fused with subtle flavors of fruits, nuts, and spice.

100% Columbian (whole-bean): Our Columbian beans offer a rich flavor similar to our top-quality. With hints of brown sugar, it brews the perfect dark-roast flavor that takes you far beyond espresso.

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